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2019/CW03 High Performance Training - Bern

Regli Lukas 19.01.2019

On 19 January, around 30 touch players braced the cold Swiss winter to learn some new tricks in Bern. While one group of players, under the suspicious eyes of coach Thomas, did a skills session out in the cold, another group group stayed inside to refresh their knowledge about the fundamental rules of the game (or acquire it in the first place).

During the skills session, we honed on our passing skills. First some basic passing drills, focusing on technique, then some two on ones. In the end, there was even some time left for a little game.

At lunchtime, the groups switched places and it was now our turn to attend refereeing 101. The class went smoothly enough and the suggestion in the end to spend a few more minutes outside for yet another little game was enthusiastically taken up.

All in all, a fun day of touch with some new tricks in the bag.

See you all at the next High Performance Training on 24 February 2019, again in Bern.


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