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2019/CW24 High Performance Training - Luzern

Cameron Troy 16.06.2019

What threatened to be a wash-out with limited numbers resulted in being bright sunshine and a total of 31 keen attendees at the HP session in Luzern on 16 June 2019. The artificial turf ended up being so hot that there was a number of comments during the warm up session of the potential to cook on the ground. The focus of this session was to encourage and reinforce 'active line attack' through explanation and drills on which attacking lines to run, how to anticipate the ball carriers intent through trigger movements and how to determine the defensive response so that the right options are taken in execution.  

Different 3v2 drill formats were conducted to demonstrate standard execution of attacking options followed by a number of short field, 5v5 games focused on getting to line attacking positions. The final hour saw a full field game with those that had remained. It was encouraging to witness some application of the teachings resulting in scoring opportunities that might not previously been capitalised on. As commented at the end of the session, there was one attacking penetration where the support runner received the ball behind a rushing defender with clear air to the line. It is an advanced concept which even many long-time players are still to master!  


A few thank you's; many thanks to Luzern Touch (thanks John) for organising the facilities. It was great to see some new faces from this region participate at training. Thanks also to everyone who participated in what was another productive session and to Ania for refereeing with her newly appointed Level 2 qualification!  Finally, thanks to Ian O'Malley who assisted with coaching and providing his invaluable experience into the session. See you all in Bern!