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  Switzerland Squads 2022 We were very fortunate playing touch in Switzerland this year, desp...> mehr
07.12.2021 , Rebecca Fitzgerald (W27), Pasqual Neuweiler (MXO), Peter Ryland (M30), Michael Abromowitz (M45), Thomas Blaser (High Performance Director)

2021/CW35 Squad announcement EUROPEAN TOUCH SENIOR CUP 2021

The coaches named the players for the EUROPEAN TOUCH SENIOR CUP 2021 Touch Switzerland will b...> mehr
01.09.2021 , Rebecca Fitzgerald (W27), Peter Ryland (M30), Michael Abromowitz (M45)


  The following is a brief summary of the Swiss Women's Open (WO) side participation at the ...> mehr
01.11.2019 , Cameron Troy


  The Swiss Men's Open (MO) side who participated at the three-da European Touch Challenge T...> mehr
01.11.2019 , O’Malley Ian

2019/CW41 European Touch Senior Cup

  The following is a brief summary of the European Touch Senior Cup 2019 tournament last wee...> mehr
10.10.2019 , Cameron Troy

2019/CW35 SwissCup - Round 3

12 gemeldete Teams mit knapp 160 Spieler/innen nahmen den weiten Weg auf sich nach Egg. Einige ...> mehr
31.08.2019 , Beck Roger

2019/CW26 SwissCup - Round 2

After all the tents having been mounted to provide (at least some) shadow, pool games could beg...> mehr
30.06.2019 , Ineichen Ken

2019/CW24 High Performance Training - Luzern

What threatened to be a wash-out with limited numbers resulted in being bright sunshine and a t...> mehr
16.06.2019 , Cameron Troy

2019/CW23 MXO | Tournament | Gif-Sur-Yvette

Several months ago, 14 of us were selected to represent Switzerland at the Gif-Sur-Yvette tourn...> mehr
08.06.2019 , Okumura Rin

2019/CW20 High Performance Training - Unterägeri

Approximately 40 TS members turned out to what was forecast to be a dreary day on the 18th May ...> mehr
18.05.2019 , Cameron Troy

2019/CW17 SwissCup - Round 1

Zug Cherrypickers were delighted to host the first Swiss Cup of 2019, and the first ever in Zug...> mehr
27.04.2019 , Weston James


BRUSSELS - 06 APRIL 2019 Stade du Sippelberg Women's Open Coaches Report Team List: Ava Bra...> mehr
06.04.2019 , Cameron Troy

2019/CW03 High Performance Training - Bern

On 19 January, around 30 touch players braced the cold Swiss winter to learn some new tricks in...> mehr
19.01.2019 , Regli Lukas

2018/CW47 High Performance Training - Zürich

Unglaubliche 50 Teilnehmer/Innen bei der Premiere der High Performance Trainings Serie von Troy...> mehr
25.11.2018 , Beck Roger

2018/CW42 SwissCup - Round 4

Das Kaiserwetter setzte sich erst mit den ersten Spielen durch, als ob die Sonne interessiert g...> mehr
20.10.2018 , Beck Roger

2018/CW41 Zürcher Sport-Ferienlager Fiesch

TOUCHSWITZERLAND im Zürcher Sport-Ferienlager Fiesch 698 Jugendliche im Alter von 11 bis 15 Ja...> mehr
08.10.2018 , Beck Roger

2018/CW26 Geezers Summer League

The 2018 Geezers summer league has once again been a success, for what is now a tradition for t...> mehr
01.07.2018 , Villiers Adrien

2018/CW26 Training MO

L'équipe nationale masculine s'est retrouvée à Lucerne le weekend du 30 juin et 1er juillet pou...> mehr
30.06.2018 , Medina Lilian

2018/CW25 SwissCup - Round 2

On this sunny Sunday, 8 Swiss teams met in Bern to compete for the second round of the Swiss Cu...> mehr
24.06.2018 , Blaser Thomas

2018/CW24 Mixed Development Days

Four Weeks To Go!  It's less than a month to the ETC 2018 and the Women's Open team is working...> mehr
16.06.2018 , Richards Jessica

2018/CW22 Capital Cup

Swiss Refs at the Capital Cup During the long weekend from Thursday 31.05.2018 to Sunday 3.6.2...> mehr
31.05.2018 , Keiser Peter

2018/CW20 Tournament Gif-sur-Yvette WO

After lots of intense training sessions around Switzerland, the Women's Open team were excited ...> mehr
19.05.2018 , Keates Dannie

2018/CW20 Tournament Gif-sur-Yvette MO

The Swiss Steinböck team, lead by his captain Thomas and his geeky coach Nick, went to Paris (o...> mehr
19.05.2018 , Villiers Adrien

2018/CW18 Training WO

The Women's Open team had a fantastic training day in Bern on the 05/05. We started with our fa...> mehr
12.05.2018 , Richards Jessica

2018/CW18 SwissCup - Round 1

The first round of the Swiss Cup 2018 was proudly hosted in Lausanne by the Lakers.  On May 6t...> mehr
06.05.2018 , Pidoux Jessica

2018/CW18 Referee | Course | Level 2

Am frühen Samstagmorgen, traf sich eine kleine Gruppe bestehend aus dem Roger (Egg), Ania (Geez...> mehr
05.05.2018 , Keiser Peter

2018/CW18 Board Meeting

  Participants: Stuart Lewis (President), Pete Ryland (Treasurer), Jess Richards (Women's Dev...> mehr
05.05.2018 , Tomaszewska Ania

2018/CW14 Training MO

On Saturday April 7 the Swiss Men's Open squad met for a final training before their camp in Ju...> mehr
07.04.2018 , Holman Ralph

2018/CW14 Friendlies Geezers v PWP

Die Geezers luden zu Friendlies in der ASVZ Fluntern, zehn Wildschweine folgten gerne diesem Ru...> mehr
03.04.2018 , Beck Roger

2018/CW09 Training M40

The Men's 40s had planned a training weekend on Sunday 4th March. The plan had been to train on...> mehr
04.03.2018 , Weston Jim

2018/CW07 Training M40

On Saturday we had 20 of the Mens 40s training at Egg for the first session back after the Wint...> mehr
18.02.2018 , Weston Jim & Beck Roger

2018/CW06 Training WO & MO

Ein eisiger Wind pfiff über das ASVZ Gelände neben dem Zoo Zürich. Die Damen des Womens Opens T...> mehr
03.02.2018 , Beck Roger

2018/CW05 Mini-Tournament Bern

Der 28. Januar 2018 war ein gelungener Start in die Touch-Saison mit Freundschaftsspielen zwisc...> mehr
28.01.2018 , Steiner Nicole

2017/CW45 Training M40s

Die Wetterprognosen versprachen nichts Gutes, trotzdem versammelten sich rund 30 Akteure auf de...> mehr
11.11.2017 , Beck Roger

2017/CW39 SWISS Cup - Final Round

WarmUp    PWP - Es war alles angerichtet seit letzter Nacht. Der Spielplan stand, die Felder g...> mehr
30.09.2017 , Beck Roger

2017/CW27 Training/Tournament Munich W27

The training day that was turned into a tournament day. We had that Sunday in our diaries sin...> mehr
09.07.2017 , Stober Catherine

2017/CW24 SWISS Cup - Round 2

Treffpunkt Kirchwies Kunstrasenparkplatz ist nicht ganz so eindeutig wie es sich anhört... Wir ...> mehr
18.06.2017 , Beck Roger

2016/CW27 Euros Jersey W27

THOUGHTS ON JERSEY EURO'S 2016:  If you ever have the chance to attend Euro's with a team, the...> mehr
10.07.2016 , Tanoa Jay

2014/CW32 Euros Swansea MXO, M35

Referee Report - Euro Touch Championships 2014 August 6th I was up at absurd-o-clock to get...> mehr
10.08.2014 , Referee

2012/CW37 Euros Treviso MXO

Tour Manager Report - Swiss MXO at the Euro Touch Championships 2012 Touch rugby in Europe is ...> mehr
12.09.2012 , Tour Manager