Forward pass

Always tricky for referees to judge, forward passes are the main point of discussions on the side line and after the game.



The player who takes possession of the ball after a roll ball. The half can’t score a touchdown; and if they get touched with the ball in their hands, their team loses possession of the ball.



Name of the position and players positioned between middles and wingers. They are the most deceptive runners and the best ball handlers.



The exact point where the touch is made and the roll ball is performed.



Name of the position and players occupying the ‘middle’ of the field. Middles are the most consistent and fittest players in the team.



Referee's favourite call. It means that you haven’t gone backwards enough to be onside and therefore you get penalised.


Over the Mark

Infringement when the ball handler does not perform the roll ball on the exact point where they have been touched. It results in a penalty for the defensive team.



Referees are a key component of the sport. They don’t have the same jersey, but they share the same passion



Area where the roll ball occurs with the ball carrier, the defender and the half.


Roll ball

Normal act of bringing the ball into play following a touch or a change of possession. Players should perform a roll ball by controlling the ball and placing it on the ground while stepping over it, facing their scoreline. It is the specific move of Touch.



The method of commencing the match, recommencing the match after half-time and after a touchdown has been scored. It is also a method of recommencing play when a penalty is awarded.


Team Sheet

Information form that needs to be signed by every player involved in a game. Players must have their name on the team sheet and sign the team sheet to be covered by the competition insurance.



Contact on any part of the body between a player in possession of the ball and a defending player. A touch includes contact on the ball, hair or clothing, and may be made by a defending player or by the player in possession.



Name of the position and players occupying the side part of the field. They are usually the fastest players in the team, as they have to cover a large part of the width of the field.



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