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2019/CW26 SwissCup - Round 2

Ineichen Ken 30.06.2019

After all the tents having been mounted to provide (at least some) shadow, pool games could begin. In temperatures well over 30°, a parasol in one's sub box suddenly became the main price for winning the toss! A big shout has to go to the U15s who participated as an invitational team and did very well, wining all their games except the one against the hosts.  

While the big pitches allowed for some free flowing touch throughout the day, a tense final saw the Lakers prevailing in the drop off over Touch Rugby Bern. Congrats!  

Thanks to all the refs for their great work and our friends from Rugby Club Bern for providing drinks and food!



Results SwissCup 2019

1st Round

Saturday May 27th, 2019



2nd Round

Sunday June 30th, 2019



3rd Round

Saturday August 31th, 2019



4th Round

Saturday September 28th, 2019




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