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  The Swiss Men's Open (MO) side who participated at the three-da European Touch Challenge T...> mehr
01.11.2019 , O’Malley Ian

2018/CW26 Training MO

L'équipe nationale masculine s'est retrouvée à Lucerne le weekend du 30 juin et 1er juillet pou...> mehr
30.06.2018 , Medina Lilian

2018/CW20 Tournament Gif-sur-Yvette MO

The Swiss Steinböck team, lead by his captain Thomas and his geeky coach Nick, went to Paris (o...> mehr
19.05.2018 , Villiers Adrien

2018/CW14 Training MO

On Saturday April 7 the Swiss Men's Open squad met for a final training before their camp in Ju...> mehr
07.04.2018 , Holman Ralph

2018/CW06 Training WO & MO

Ein eisiger Wind pfiff über das ASVZ Gelände neben dem Zoo Zürich. Die Damen des Womens Opens T...> mehr
03.02.2018 , Beck Roger

2014/CW32 Euros Swansea MXO, M35

Referee Report - Euro Touch Championships 2014 August 6th I was up at absurd-o-clock to get...> mehr
10.08.2014 , Referee

2012/CW37 Euros Treviso MXO

Tour Manager Report - Swiss MXO at the Euro Touch Championships 2012 Touch rugby in Europe is ...> mehr
12.09.2012 , Tour Manager