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  1. Any organisation or person wishing to affiliate with TS shall submit a membership application form, available on the website. Required information shall consist of: their own Articles of Association, name of the club, contact details, and place of domicile.

  2. The Committee may, at their discretion, refuse to admit any organisation or person to membership. Application for membership is open to all and no applications will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race, occupation, sex, sexual orientation or religious, political or other opinion.

  3. The Committee shall meet, either in person or by other means of communication, within 14 days of receipt of an application to affiliate to make a decision, to be communicated to the applicant within 7 days after it has been reached.

  4. The annual subscription (if any) and fees payable by Members to the Association shall be determined by the Committee and may vary from time to time. The Committee shall also determine the timing and manner of payment.

  5. Members whose subscriptions and/or fees have not been paid and received by the date set by TS Committee shall not be entitled to receive any of the benefits, advantages, privileges and services of membership unless otherwise approved in writing by the Committee.

  6. Any Affiliated Touch Competition Organiser, Associate Member or Restricted Member shall cease to be a Member of TS if:
    1. A resolution to wind up that organisation is passed; or
    2. The organisation or person notifies the Company in writing of their resignation as a Member; or
    3. The organisation or person fails to meet financial or other obligations to TS by a date notified in writing by the Committee Member

  7. Subject to the Swiss law in particular confidentiality considerations, data protection and privacy laws, the Register may be used to further the Purposes, in such manner as the Committee considers appropriate.


for more details see Touch Switzerland Constitution