World Cup 2019


28 April – 4 May 2019

UPDATE | 16.08.2018 


Dear players,

Thank you to all players that registered their interest in the World Cup 2019.

We have received a reasonable response to our register interest request, however the level of commitment of experienced players has fallen short of where it needs to be for us to commit to register a side and pay the fee by the end of August. I believe that coming so soon on the back of the Euros is a factor together with the anticipated costs and naturally the distance and time required to participate.

Therefore, we have taken the difficult decision not to send any sides to the World Cup in 2019.

Instead we are working on a plan that will culminate in a comprehensive bid to attend the 2023 World Cup with a large squad that will be competitive, well drilled and much more experienced than we can currently field.

The four year cycle will include a European based major international tournament in each calendar year, together with targeted inter-country competition. The aim will be to develop and strengthen squads over the longer period making us much more competitive at the Euros and fit to compete at a World Cup.

To achieve this we will communicate our plan in the coming months, however, what is clear is that we need a permanent coaching commission and events planning group that will oversee the delivery of our elite goals for the four year cycle.

To that end I am pleased to announce that Nick Gray will lead the coaching commission and will be recruiting coaches to work with him on this important project. Nick will communicate a mission statement shortly.

If you would like to volunteer to support these initiatives please email me directly. Remember Swiss Touch needs you!  


Touch Switzerland President


Stuart Lewis






Dear Swiss Touchie,

We have been invited to participate in the 2019 Touch World Cup in Malaysia. 
We would like to build upon the anticipated success at this year's Euros and send a team(s) to join the party at what looks set to be the biggest World Cup ever……

There are anticipated to be more categories and teams than ever before so there will be a greater chance of finding the right level of competition for you.

I encourage those interested to register their interest as soon as possible but by 1st August latest as the final deadline for entries and payment is 1st September 2018.   

We will be in touch after the 1st August to confirm numbers, advise training groups and the selection process.

Good luck on the field


Please see below the event information.