Men's 45 (M45)


Following our successful run out at the European Seniors cup in Lisbon it's time to get serious. After last year’s Euros 5th place and last weekend’s 3rd place finish in the M40's in Portugal it's clear that we have the makings of a competitive M45 squad to take to the Euros next July which will be held once again in Nottingham, England.

Initial training, which will commence in January will be open to all that qualify as 45 (or over) at 28 July 2020 and are Swiss or have been in Switzerland for three years or more at the same date.    

Our aim is to build a strong training squad of at least 20 players that we can work with over the winter. We will aim to get together once a month initially and increase the frequency as we approach the tournament. Selection of the final 16 will take place 2 months ahead of the tournament.  

What we require from you......

Based on the expression of Interest, Touch Switzerland has already taken the decision to send a M45 team  and has paid deposits for both team entry and accommodation. Therefore if you would like to be involved we require a deposit of chf200 paid by November 1st, any monies paid will be refunded in full to those that don't make the final travelling squad.  

Payment should be made payable to the following account:  


8132 Egg bei Zürich






CH20 8069 1000 0083 3479 0





Please leave your name in the reference

Should you know of other that would be interested please let me know their names and feel free to forward on to them.

Look forward to hearing from you all and can't wait to start this next journey!!

Touch Switzerland President


Stuart Lewis


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M45 Aspirants

Team Manager
Weston Natasha Zug Touch
Head Coach
Cameron Troy Zug Touch
Abromowitz Michael Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Barton John Touch Rugby Luzern
Beck Roger Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Gadola Roman Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Gordon Luke Geezers Touch
Henderson Angus Zug Touch
Lewis Stuart Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
MacLennan Stephen Zug Touch
Manescu Bogdan Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
McKimm David Zug Touch
Mitchell James Switzers Geneva
Morris Paul Geezers Touch
Murphy Tim Zug Touch
Nettleton Jamie Zug Touch
Pulles Tom Zug Touch
Renaudie Thierry Zug Touch
Temtem Salim Baden Banditos
Thomas Barry Zug Touch
Vertigen James Zug Touch
Weston James Zug Touch
Woodhouse Sam Switzers Geneva